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The 5 Phases: 

Foundations of Calm

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A 7 Day Anxiety Re-Set for Sensitive High Achievers

with Emma K. Dweck, M.Ac., L.Ac.

Use my revolutionary 5 Phase System, based in Eastern Medicine, to restore your body, mind, and spirit, and break free of the exhausting cycle of anxiety, overwhelm & burnout, without resorting to meds, trendy quick-fixes, or spending years in therapy

Because you have so much good to do in the world

Foundations of Calm: About

If you've ever feel totally defeated because you’re anxious all the time, it’s time to try an Eastern medicine approach

Maybe you're a single parent, working 50+ hours a week. You are keeping all the balls in the air, but just barely... You wake up every morning knowing that if just one thing goes wrong: a kid gets sick or something breaks, it will send you over the edge. You're exhausted, worried and scared all the time and you know you can't go on like this... The worst part is: you've done ALL THE THINGS to try to help yourself feel better... therapy, yoga, supplements and herbs, but nothing seems to work for long... The reason for this is that you're not using a whole-health framework that takes your physical and mental symptoms into account.. 

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Foundations of Calm: Quote
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Does it feel like

You're trying to stay sane in a sick world...

You're struggling to manage one zillion things...

You feel scared all the time and just want a moment of peace...

You're ready to feel like yourself again...

You've tried "everything" and are sick of wasting money on expensive supplements, feel like you're getting nowhere with meditation, and don't have years of your life to spend in therapy....

You have troubling physical symptoms and know they are related to anxiety but you haven't a CLUE as to how to get rid of them...

You need to regain time and energy so you can accomplish the basic tasks in your life...

If you're nodding your head YES, this 7 day re-set is for you!

Foundations of Calm: Welcome

Foundations of Calm is the Easiest Way to go from total overwhelm to a State of Peaceful Presence in Just 7 Days

If you are a sensitive high achiever struggling with anxiety, chances are you don't have a lot of time to spare. This foundational workshop series provides a whole lot of value in a short amount of time!

If you have 20 minutes in your day, you have time to do this program (of course you can spend more time, but it TRULY doesn't take more than that to experience lasting change in daily habits!)

We go through my signature 5 phase system for healing from anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout, which is based on the 5 Elements

Each day, we focus on one of the 5 phases, which targets different aspects of anxiety, and different ways it manifests in the body and emotions. The 7 days also includes an orientation and wrap up day, to make sure you're getting the most out of your investment in yourself!

Foundations of Calm: About
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Did you know...?

Anxiety Shows up in Sneaky ways...

A lot of people, especially Type-A, high achievers, don't even realize that a lot of what's holding them back is anxiety... Traits like overthinking, being really organized, always being on time have probably gotten you really far in certain ways... but they can also be signs of anxiety

Most western approaches provide band-aid solutions

Chances are, you've been experiencing anxiety for awhile, which means that it's going to take a holistic approach to actually transform it in a sustainable way. This is why medications and even talk therapy are often not helpful in the long run

Getting calm requires a whole-health approach

A lot of us think of anxiety as just a mental health issue, when in reality, it's a complex interplay of mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual health. Everyone's anxiety is different, which means that everyone will need a different approach to really get calm.

Mental Health Issues are at an all time high

If you're feeling like your overwhelm has overwhelm, you're NOT alone. But you also DON'T need to feel this way...

Foundations of Calm: Features

What you Get

The 5 Phases: Foundations of Calm is designed with sensitive, busy people in mind. The lessons are short and the exercises will give you a LOT of value in just a little time-- leaving you with an entirely new framework for experiencing your life in just 7 days time! 

A $497 value

The Entire 5 Phase System

Through daily lessons (audio recordings) and exercises, you will learn and experience the entire 5 Phase System in just 7 days... This is a comprehensive system that will transform your relationship to health and healing.

A $250 value

A targeted way to identify how anxiety shows up in your body

Anxiety lives in the body, and the root of this system is understanding how the unwanted systems you're experiencing are actually anxiety symptoms and what to do about them

A $135 Value 

A 40 page writable workbook and daily journaling prompts

A beautiful and organized way to keep track of your progress and connect with yourself throughout the 7 day experience

Foundations of Calm: List
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The 5 Phases

Phase 1: REST

We start with rest: there cannot be healing without the foundation of a regulated nervous system

Phase 2: GROW

In this phase, we focus on growth, vision and change... 

Phase 3: CONNECT

In this phase, we focus on healing anxiety through connection and communication 

Phase 4: NOURISH

In this phase, we focus on abundant nourishment of the body mind and spirit

Phase 5: VALUE

In this final phase of the cycle, we focus on letting go of what's no longer serving us and releasing negativity

Foundations of Calm: Services


When Can I Start?

YAY! I'm so glad you're ready to transform anxiety into calm. You get instant access to the entire 7 day workshop series as soon as you sign up, via my members only website. We recommend you pick a day to start, and complete the series within 7 days, to get the most out of it

Is there Live Support?

Foundations of Calm is an on-demand self study course and workshop series. Once you sign up, you will have lifetime access. However, as a graduate you have access to a special, discounted price for my in-depth, comprehensive 12 week program, The Shen Clarity System

What am I getting Once I Purchase?

You get instant access to my members only website for this course, which includes 7 days of audio recordings and a comprehensive workbook with simple practices and exercises that will take about 20 minutes/day to complete

I have no experience with Chinese/Eastern Medicine, Will this work for me?

Absolutely! You don't need to know anything about Eastern Medicine or healing to complete these workshops! They are designed to be simple, easy and accessible for EVERYONE

Foundations of Calm: FAQ

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Foundations of Calm: Contact
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