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"I had never tried acupuncture before, but found myself going through a very difficult time and reached out to Emma near desperation. I was delighted to find in her as much compassion and humility as responsibility and expertise. Her initial assessment was thorough and inquisitive, and the treatment regimen she developed was responsive to my individual needs and condition. Emma helped my mind and body find greater peace in their reconnection. She will be the first to say, “there is no magic needle;” but if we are all a work in progress, there is no doubt that her gentle hand can help support whatever your process may be. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough."

~C.F., Lakeville, CT

"Emma is professional, curious, wise, compassionate--incredible. After a thorough intake evaluation that took into account the reasons for my seeking treatment, an extensive biographical and nutritional interview, and various observations including different pulse readings and the health of my tongue, Emma provided an acupuncture treatment meant to address current physical and emotional issues, as well as the years of stress, trauma, experience, etc. that led to them. Our work is still just beginning, but I am so glad Emma is part of my integrative health team. I HIGHLY recommend her." ~Anonymous patient, Millerton, NY

"Acupuncture with Emma is a very pleasant experience, and always leaves me relaxed. Any discomfort I was having is diminshed greatly. Acupuncture has helped me when nothing else I tried did!"

~F.B., Amenia NY

"After a very stress filled few years, I crawled into Emma's office unsure of what would happen, but hopeful. The results have been way beyond my expectations. Emma has helped me with chronic pain issues, as well as all sorts of general health concerns. I have been educated and able to understand the ebb and flow of the human condition. I am a truly grateful patient." ~R.D., Sharon CT

"In April of 2015, I had my first appointment with Emma. I had been interested in trying acupuncture for a variety of symptoms. I had been having difficulty falling asleep and then once asleep, I was waking through the night. I was also having some anxiety symptoms and feeling tired all the time. By my third appointment, I was falling asleep and staying asleep. As time went on, my anxiety symptoms and energy levels got better. I also have had relief with aches and pains that I reported to Emma during our appointments. Emma is an amazing practitioner and a wealth of knowledge. I have been amazed by the results that I have received and highly recommend acupuncture with Emma Dweck."

~R.E., Lakeville CT

"I am extremely grateful to Emma Dweck for being able understand and treat all the underlying causes of my medical problems.  I thought I was going to have to have surgery for a hernia and now I have learned what to do to manage my condition.  She was non-judgmental and extremely helpful in not only applying the needles and moxa skillfully but also in making suggestions that have made a huge difference in my life.  I feel so much better; more whole, in touch with the seasons, have more energy, and am sleeping better.  Emma knew just what to do and encouraged me to be part of the healing process."

~F.A., Amenia New York

"I came to acupuncture for my knees and legs and like peeling an onion Emma did her magic. First, I noticed feeling better in my being: a sense of clarity. Then taste, smell, post nasal drip and dry mouth all improved. The chronic pain in my legs and knees have gone from night to day! After 9 treatments there is 90% improvement in my knees. For a treatment so subtle, all I can say is: WOW!"

~A.L., Salisbury CT

"I started treatment with Emma because of a chronic lower back/sciatic issue as well as PCOS, anxiety, and depression. Emma has been instrumental in helping me with these issues. After just a few treatments the pain in my lower back and left leg decreased significantly. Additionally, my hormonal imbalances began to shift almost immediately. Emma brings a sincere desire and willingness to help you help yourself. She is a very caring and compassionate person who is fully invested in helping you achieve optimum health." ~S.F., Red Hook New York

"The first time Emma treated me was on a glorious snowy day. I had been struggling with many deep-seated, chronic health issues and felt I had tried just about every conventional and progressive, alternative healing modality I could find. After leaving my first treatment, I was deeply calm and grounded yet had a vibrant burst of true energy. Acupuncture has changed how I feel, cope and made me a happier, healthier and more balanced person."

~B.E, Lakeville CT

I found Emma to be knowledgeable and attentive and her treatments very effective.  Emma is a wonderfully caring and understanding practitioner!  ~B.B, Gainesville, Florida

"I came to Emma Dweck to help deal with a number of physical challenges that affected my energy level and a condition that was supposed to require major surgery.  She was able to figure out the big picture of what was going on with me.  She helped me realize that instead of constantly trying to push myself I could tune in to the wisdom of the seasons.  Her treatments enabled me to get over a hump that I could not get over by myself.  I started feeling not just more energy, but actual shifts in my body and perceptions.  Emma’s treatments not only hit the spot of what I needed physiologically but revealed other areas that needed re-balancing.  Emma’s approach to acupuncture and moxibustion as well as her insights were allowed for an extremely nurturing and healing experience."

~F.A., Wassaic, NY

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