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The Shen Clarity System

For Sensitive High Achievers Ready to:

Build Lifelong Practices for Managing Anxiety

Connect with your Original Nature

So you can realize your deepest purpose and make the world a better place... 

The Shen Clarity System: About
Tranquil forest

Just Imagine...

You sleep through the night without fear...

You wake up with more than enough energy to get through your day...

You are able to spend joyful, quality time with loved ones...

Physical symptoms of anxiety are gone or completely under control...

You understand the true source of your anxiety, which means when it flares up you know exactly what to do...


Need this? Then READ ON... 

The Shen Clarity System: Welcome

Introducing an entirely NEW way of approaching mental and physical health

The Shen Clarity System is a deep, transformative program dedicated to supporting sensitive people struggling with a world in chaos

This program is for you if

  • You are a sensitive, high achieving person who is ready and willing to change your life

  • You are willing to be open and honest about what's holding you back

  • You have debilitating physical symptoms and know they are related to your anxiety, and just want a framework for addressing them

  • You are the kind of person who can make changes with accountability and support

  • You are ready to feel like yourself again, enjoy your life, and have more energy and vitality for your family and loved ones

​This Program is NOT for you if: 

  • You are looking for a quick fix or magic pill

  • You are not willing to get a little uncomfortable and do some work on yourself

  • You don't believe there's a connection between the mind and the body

  • You are not actually committed to getting better

  • You don't want to learn a new way to approach healing

  • You have significant trauma/self- harming thoughts and are not ALSO recieving therapy

The Shen Clarity System: About
Happy Girl


The Shen Clarity System: Testimonials

Working with Emma and the Shen Clarity system has given me invaluable tools for life. I use them every day and based on how I am on any given day I have the knowledge and power to choose how to help myself. I would not be able to make it through my anxiety without the guidance Emma has provided and the kindness she has allowed me to give myself. The Shen Clarity system addresses hard things and offers a way to become unstuck.


The Shen Clarity System allowed me to tap into healing practices - be they herbs, teas, soup recipes, or acupressure points - and to become comfortable accessing and utilizing them. I enjoyed having the freedom to access the program whenever it worked best for my schedule. The content was so interesting and I was inspired to find additional resources (recommended by Emma) to help me dive deeper and learn more. The support calls were wonderful as they allowed me to connect with Emma and other participants. These conversations always equipped me with more knowledge and also more of an awareness that the challenges I am facing are quite normal and shared. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for ways reawaken joy and feel more resilient and grounded.

Bridget L-M

I have just completed the Shen Clarity System and would recommend it to others struggling with similar issues. Over the past twelve weeks I have seen great improvements in my anxiety, sleep, restless legs and irregular menstrual cycles. In addition to the workshop modules, Emma was able to make a very tailored plan for me each week with specific suggestions for food, supplements, acupoints to massage as well as lifestyle changes. We tweaked the plan each week as needed and Emma always had very specific suggestions for whatever I was dealing with, which I really appreciated and always found helpful. I love the model this program uses- Chinese medicine- to find solutions for anxiety, overwhelm and burnout. In Chinese medicine there is always a reason behind every symptom, which means there is always something that can be done. I love the idea of "looking to nature" to see what our bodies and minds need. I highly recommend Emma and this course.

Brittany D


The Shen Clarity System

A Revolutionary 5 Phase Program for Sensitive, High Achievers who want to be free from overwhelm, burnout and the physical symptoms of anxiety

The Shen Clarity System is a 12 Week program that uses simple tools and strategies to overcome anxiety and get you back to living your life fully. 

Using a highly effective step by step approach based in the 5 Elements, we will go through the transformative system of the 5 Phases together.

You get education, accountability, and an entirely NEW way of approaching anxiety, overwhelm and burnout. 

The program is intensive, deep, and transformative... 

Click here to apply for the program and get instant access once accepted! 

The Shen Clarity System: About

The 5 Phases

A Whole-Health Framework for Experiencing your life differently. The 5 Phases address every part of you and your unique constellation of symptoms and circumstances that are causing anxiety, overwhelm and burnout

Lake at Dusk


We start with rest: there is no healing from anxiety without calming your nervous system and sleeping through the night

In this first phase, you will learn simple, accessible tools that allow you to deeply rest, to sleep through the night, and to incorporate moments of rest into our day to day. Rest is the foundation of the Shen Clarity system and informs all other phases

The Shen Clarity System: Services

What you Get

The Shen Clarity System is designed to be simple, accessible, and easy to follow... it's designed for sensitive high achievers to actually succeed at transforming anxiety once and for all...

A $7600 value...

12 Weeks of Transformative Practices in your member's only site

  •  Qi Gong

  • Self Acupressure

  • Journaling 

  • Art-therapy 

  • Meditations

All within the container of the 5 Phases, which work together to bring peace and an entirely new way of approaching health

A $497 value... 

A Customized Plan for Healing

The reason nothing you've tried has worked is that healing from anxiety is not a one-size fits all approach. With my expert input, you will discover the root cause of your anxiety from the perspective of Chinese Medicine. 

This is different for everyone and is the KEY to unlocking sustainable growth and healing

Once we identify the root cause of your mental AND physical symptoms, we can use targeted practices to ACTUALLY heal

A $2,520 value... 

Accountability & Support

In addition to the 12 weeks of practices, you get access to the weekly group support calls, where I will address anything that has come up for you during the week's learning and healing...

I am here holding your hand every step of the way

AND... the Holiday promotion includes a 90 minute deep dive New Year Visioning Session with me...

The Shen Clarity System: List
Image by Ravi Pinisetti

FLASH SALE till 3/17!!

Full Price: $997 or 3 monthly payments of $367

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The Shen Clarity System: Contact
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