"I believe that everyone struggling with health issues has the ability to return to a life of balance and vibrancy. I love practicing Chinese Medicine because it allows me to facilitate this healing process. 


If you are challenged by overwhelm, pain, chronic or mysterious illness, anxiety, depression or exhaustion, I urge you to give me a call at 845.605.2707 or shoot me an email so that we can work together to transform your health!" ~Emma K. Dweck, L.Ac.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, our offices are currently closed to in-patient acupuncture visits. We are offering remote Whole Health Consultations for anxiety, depression, overwhelm, burnout, and many other chronic and acute health conditions


Emma practices acupuncture and complementary healing modalities, providing compassionate, individualized care for patients facing a wide range of health conditions.


Her mission is to create partnerships with patients based on trust, mutual respect and common healing goals, and to create a space where true healing can occur.  


Emma offers FREE initial phone consultations! 845.605.2707

"My Acupuncture experience with Emma was life-changing! I came to her wanting help with chronic fatigue, headaches, and depression. With her healing expertise, I was able to get off anti-depressants and saw a dramatic increase in energy following treatments."

~M.P., Millbrook NY


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