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Bright and Clear: 6 Week Spring Anxiety Transformation

If you are a sensitive, high achiever, you might be having KIND OF a hard time right now, especially if you are already prone to anxiety. 


  • Having more than enough energy to get through your day

  • Feeling productive, creative and motivated with almost no effort 

  • Finally understanding how to fix the physical symptoms you're having along with your anxiety 

  • Having the exact tools YOU need to transform stagnant, stuck energy into vision, productivity, and calm

Join Emma Dweck, Acupuncturist and Health Coach, for this 6 week live Zoom training 

We will:

  • discover how to use the powerful energy of springtime to transform stuckness & frustration into vision and creativity

  • Understand how our bodies and minds are mirrored in the natural world. 

  • Learn simple, accessible strategies for calming the anxious, overactive mind

  • Learn dietary principles, acupressure, meditation, and more that will help with anxiety specifically in springtime! 

  • and MUCH MORE... 

Spring Anxiety Transformation!: About
Spring Onions

The Details

Your Investment: 

6 Live Classes:

This class runs every Thursday at 4 pm EST April 16-May 19th ($405 value) 

Individualized plan for how YOU specifically can heal from anxiety ($250 value)

Recipes & herbal education tailored for anxiety in springtime ($135 value)

PLUS early bird registration bonus: If you register before April 6, 2022, get 1 private 30 minute Zoom coaching session with Emma ($135 value)

*Please note this class must have 5 registrants to run! 

After registration, you will receive an intake form so we can customize the class to you and your unique needs

Spring Anxiety Transformation!: About
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