Virtual Offerings


We are now offering remote Whole Health Consultations! These include the tools we use for healing in-person, with the added benefit and convenience of being able to stay safe at home. Sessions may include coaching, nutritional and herbal consultations, qi gong, and acupressure and moxibustion recommendations that you can safely and easily administer yourself. For remote offerings, we are offering a sliding scale. 


One-On-One Intake

Sliding scale: $120 to $175

The first appointment is 75-90 minutes and consists of a full medical history, traditional Chinese diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment plan which may include point prescription, herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Includes personalized video for point prescriptions and qi gong.

One-on-One Follow up:

Sliding Scale: $80 to $110

45-60 minutes: includes follow up on any recommendations from intake, as well as continued point prescriptions, and other recommendations as appropriate. Includes personalized video for point prescriptions and qi gong.

One-on-One Pediatric sessions (children 12 and under): 

30 minute Intake: sliding scale: $40-60

20 minute Follow up: sliding scale: $30-$50

Group Visits

We are hoping to offer remote group visits tailored to specific health concerns. Please reach out if you are interested in a group focusing on a specific concern. Some future groups might include fertility, chronic pain, anxiety & depression, and weight loss/mindful eating

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